Detailed Services for Attorneys

Merit Screening

MarGin offers a low cost initial screening of potential medical malpractice matters to reduce the burden on firm staff of researching the details necessary to make a preliminary finding regarding merit. As a second step in the merit determination, MarGin will, upon request, review potential new client interviews, documents, and available medical records to confirm or refute merit in matters under consideration. This deeper review provides a second step to the initial client interview to identify possible deviations from standards of care and allows attorneys and firms to determine with confidence which matters have merit and sufficient value to the client to make litigation a viable option.

Secure Data Transfer

Our clients enjoy access to a pair of robust options for securely transferring medical records to protect the privacy of your client. Clients with whom we have a contractual agreement in place are afforded access to our case management software via a client portal. Our Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) server and third party encryption software combined to exceed the most stringent data protection standards to securely upload files to MarGin. Clients also have the option to transfer records to MarGin via a HIPAA compliant Secure Facsimile option or to have digital media or hard-copy files delivered by the secure carrier of choice.

Medical Record Retrieval

MarGin can streamline your intake process through the integration of medical record retrieval, organization, and summarization to present medical information in an organized, readily digestible format. Record retrieval services are, however, available only to firms requesting record organization or bookmarking, per firm preference, and either summarization of medical records or those for which MarGin performs a screening for medical merit or causation evaluation in medical malpractice matters.

Record Preparation for Negotiations or Litigation

MarGin will, as a matter of routine, Bookmark in Adobe Acrobat, Bates stamp, summarize, and create an annotated chronology of events related to the case in question. This review facilitates identification of missing records as well as those potentially altered. Included will be a summary of medical, nursing, therapeutic specialty and pharmacologic interventions for purposes of reporting the need and medical/healthcare indications or contraindications of each.

Medical Record Review

MarGin will analyze healthcare and medical records to evaluate potential claims of negligence. We use this review and analysis to provide a report summarizing the facts, with focus on identifying duty, breach, causation and damages claimed by the client. Integral to this process is the identification of supporting and mitigating factors related to the case. In cases of alleged medical malpractice MarGin provides a report of any breaches identified with accompanying annotated references.

Review of Applicable Standards and Policies

MarGin will identify appropriate Standards of Care and/or Policies and Procedures relevant to the complaint. We will, upon request, review and summarize responses to interrogatories and deposition transcripts for consistency with the medical record and Standards of Care to prepare for examination at trial.

Customized Reports

MarGin Consulting will provide reports verbally or reduced to writing, in a format customized to the needs of the attorney or firm. These reports may be used by the litigation team to facilitate the development of case strategy; interrogatories; depositions for use in mediation or at trial. MarGin Consulting produces these reports without healthcare or medical jargon in the body of the report.

Customized reports, inclusive of summaries, can be sent to experts to permit these consultants to more efficiently complete their review. Increasing this efficiency will result in more timely expert reports at lower cost to the attorney or firm.

Expert Searches

MarGin Consulting will, when requested, locate and pre-screen Medical and Technical experts to provide the support needed to prevail. Following determination of a preferred expert by the attorney or firm, MarGin can continue to work with the litigation team and the selected expert(s), translating and interpreting science, healthcare, or medical terminology into accurately descriptive plain language that is more readily understood for use in negotiations or in presentations at trial.

Medical Billing Analysis & Future Cost Projections

MarGin is positioned to prepare reports for the attorney or firm in cases involving personal injury or workers’ compensation to substantiate future medical expenses for mediation or arbitration. MarGin may also provide detailed projections of future medical expenses. MarGin Consulting can generate such reports for plaintiff representatives or review reports submitted by opposing counsel to ensure they are complete and calculated using reasonable assumptions. Analysis of medical bills to date may show damages not readily revealed through other critical examination of available documentation as well as identify additional defendants.